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Darya Vintilova was born in Kiev, Ukraine. At age four she immediately immersed in the world of acrobatics and circus arts. Darya’s parents were incredibly talented and accomplished acrobats and would soon introduce her to sports acrobatics and circus. 
At the age of seven, Darya began working as a professional circus artist for the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil in their show, “Saltimbanco” directed by Franco Dragone, as a main character and performer in an adagio trio act alongside her parents. After five years of performing in the adagio act, Darya was invited by Cirque du Soleil to develop her own swinging trapeze act. She trained with the world’s best trapeze coach, Victor Fomine. 
Together with Victor, Darya competed in the prestigious 27th Cirque de Demain Festival in Paris, France.  At only sixteen years of age, Darya won the Festival’s Cirque De L’avenir gold medal, a Moulin Rouge Prize, a Grimalo Moscow Circus Studio Prize, and a Saint Petersburg, Russia Circus Prize. 
Darya continued on with Cirque Du Soleil on their touring show Kooza, directed by David Shiner in 2007 where she developed a unique and one of a kind trapeze act. Her number was showcased in the DVD of the show.
Darya left Cirque Du Soleil in 2011. She took the time to create a breathtaking and entirely different trapeze act.  Her elite swinging trapeze act is a dynamic number of the highest level. She participated at the 15th International Circus Festival City of Latina, Italy in October 2013 , where she won a silver medal and a Cirque Du Soleil artistic and technical integration quality award. Since 2013 Darya has been working with a world known Canadian contemporary circus company "7 Fingers of the Hand". Performing in different creations, shows, and acts. On the other hand she is also an independent artist appearing in different events, galas, and shows around the world.



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