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Vancouver News Entertainment/


"In many ways, Vintilova is the face of the new circus. On this day, she’s wearing black nail polish, to match her black hair with its heavy Betty Page fringe, and a tongue stud, her shoulder muscles visible beneath her white tank top. She brings a rebellious cool to her trapeze sequence set to screeching guitars." 


San Francisco Chronicles


"A statuesque Darya Vintilova - striking attitudes midway between a dominatrix and a femme fatale - soars, flips and catches herself by ankles or calves on the high-flying trapeze."


TIMES Entertainment


"On a trapeze swing, Darya Vintilova propels herself out from the apparatus, does two full twirls and catches her legs on the side straps."


Boldfacers Boston


"You think you are so cool, don’t you, Darya Vintilova? You with the skin-tight showstopping bodysuit, twirling and swirling in the air on a trapeze. Aren't you just the hottest thing. Well, guess what... You really are.

Indeed, you're a bonafide superstar in Cirque du Soleil, and what circus is more awesome than that." 

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